Holy Spirit

Spiritual Surgery

Surgery makes people nervous. Years ago, I remember how hesitant I was to have outpatient surgery. The cold hospital room, the masked doctor, and the sharp scalpel did not help my nervousness. However, the surgery was vital for my health. Because it was for my good to be placed under the knife, I gave my . . .
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Boarded Up Council House

You’ve Been Evicted—By Sin

Have you received the righteousness of God by faith? If so, Paul asks you a very important question. He introduces the thought in Romans 5:20, expands it as a question in Romans 6:1, and answers the question with an exclamation in Romans 6:2. The thought—when your sin is abundant, the grace of God is more . . .
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Living the Resurrected Life (Part 3)

All born-again believers have died with Christ and have risen with Him. We need to not only accept these statements as truth, but also depend upon the reality of them in our lives. When we do, then we will be enabled to appropriate God’s grace by faith to put off sins and put on spiritual . . .
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Living the Resurrected Life (Part 2)

At the moment of your salvation, you died with Christ and rose with Him. God’s will is that you reckon the truth of that transaction, not merely considering it a fact, but choosing to depend upon it. The old master of sin and death is gone, never to return. The new master of righteousness and . . .
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praying hyde

Praying Hyde

John Hyde was not only a missionary to India in the early 1900’s, but he also was known as “The Apostle of Prayer.” John was a part of the Punjab Prayer Union which was started in 1904 and was instrumental in the beginning of the Sialkot Conventions which also began during the same year. For . . .
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Evangelizing with a Home Bible Study

Amazingly, people today in the USA seem more open to home Bible studies. Therefore the one-on-one Bible study approach is an  excellent application for giving the Gospel. Revival Focus has just produced the first in a three-part series of Bible study booklets. The first booklet (24 pages) is entitled Discover Eternal Life and incorporates the Netcasters Gospel . . .
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Revival Journey DVD Package

The Revival Journey. Some of us are on it. Some of us long to start it. In this new Revival Journey DVD package, you will find teaching and encouragement from John Van Gelderen that will help you along the path God has for you. Each one of these four lessons is packed full of truth . . .
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Christ Life Clinic 2015

This year’s Christ Life Clinic focuses on the provision of Christ in you and you in Christ. All of the speakers will focus on the Spirit-filled life and Otto Koning—veteran missionary and author of The Pineapple Story—will focus on spiritual warfare. Please pray about coming and joining those who desire to know more of Jesus! Christ Life Clinic . . .
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eternal life

“Eternal Life” Tract Now Available in Print!

A while back we offered our new Eternal Life tract as a free download. This full color, tri-fold tract written by Jim Hollandsworth presents the gospel by pointing the reader back to the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and explaining the effects of sin upon mankind. The necessity of depending . . .
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Praying for Rain: A New Year’s Greeting

The Lord has challenged me afresh with His challenge in Zechariah 10:1: “Ask ye of the LORD rain in the time of the latter rain; so the LORD shall make bright clouds, and give them showers of rain.” For me personally this is going to be my theme verse for 2015. Merry Christmas to all . . .
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