Why a Symphony of Prayer?

Well do I remember when I first experienced a “symphony of prayer.” It was in an aftermeeting at a church camp in Ireland. The Spirit of God moved and we were quite aware of the presence of God. People began to cry out to the Lord. The Holy Spirit was truly looked to as the . . .
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Will You Pray with Us?

Every Christian concerned for revival should pay attention to this year’s National Symphony of Prayer, sponsored by Revival Focus Ministries, and led by Evangelist John R. Van Gelderen. Similar prayer symphonies held in various places in the past have proven to be very important for their impact on those who participated and also for their . . .
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The Value of Revival Prayer Meetings

As the history of revivals shapes the history of the church, so the history of revival prayer meetings shapes the history of revivals. Believers prayed for the promise of the Holy Spirit in Acts 1. God poured out His Spirit in Acts 2. Again the saints prayed for boldness in the midst of persecution in . . .
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The Dungeon of Doubt

I looked out on the pitcher’s mound at a guy that appeared to be twice as big, twice as strong, and twice as athletic as I was. It was an impossible situation. How was I supposed to hit the baseball that he threw? He was only 15 years old, but it appeared to be coming . . .
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Deep Roots

Are you a rooted Christian? Are you pursuing a deep and abiding relationship with Christ? The helter-skelter frenzy that describes the life of many Christians fights against this. But the laws of living never change. There’s no fast track to good results. And so A. W. Tozer shares these helpful thoughts: “One marked difference between the faith . . .
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National Symphony of Prayer, January 23–24, 2017

God has been raising up a revival stream in several circles. Intercession for the next great awakening is vibrant within the revival stream among Southern Baptists. The Assemblies of God also seem to have some real intercession. May the Independent Baptists by faith do their part! The election result has been encouraging. But, ultimately, we . . .
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Show your thanks, and win a free CD

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An Example of God’s Work Behind Bars

Recently, I received an exciting report from a pastor friend of what God is doing in a prison system in Tennessee: I rejoice in such reports and praise the Lord for His work among those behind bars, who often know their need!

FB Christ Life Clinic 2016

Christ Life Clinic 2016

The 2016 Christ Life Clinic seeks to unfold the truth of Romans 6–8 and apply it to the grit of life. For those desperate for more of God, come and learn how the crucified life can rise up to experience the power of His resurrection—the Christ life! The Clinic is held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, . . .
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The Spirit’s Present Work in North Carolina

For the last several weeks I have been receiving reports about a move of God in Burlington, NC. A pastor friend emailed the following on June 9: “I have been following something going on in NC. An evangelist by the name of C. T. Townsend preached meetings in a Baptist church in Burlington NC. (I . . .
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