Sin Exhausted Itself at the Cross

This thought captured my attention last week as I prepared an institute lecture on Romans 6:1-14. Since sin exhausted itself in bringing about death, from that point forward it is powerless to overcome new life.[1] When death unleashed the full consequences of my sin upon Christ at the cross, God’s judgment for my sin ended. Death exhausted . . .
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fixing the wrong problem

Worried About The Wrong Things (Part 2)

Previously, we surveyed Luke 9, noticing that when the disciples should have been concerned with their lack of power in fulfilling Christ’s commission, they were worried about the wrong things instead. We saw that their first misfocused worry was a squabble over who would be the greatest. But that wasn’t their only error. 2. The . . .
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Letter T's

Knowing God: The Four T’s of Relationships

In my last article, I discussed and emphasized that knowing God is about building a unique, personal, and intimate relationship with Him. Building a relationship is not about following a series of steps; it is much more difficult than that, but also much more beautiful. But that being said, there are some important aspects that . . .
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Stay in the Race

I took up running several years ago as a means to try and stay healthy. I know what you’re probably thinking—“I hate to run; running is so boring; I would much rather (fill in the blank) than run; etc. ad infinitum.” Yes I know those thoughts and feelings, but I actually feel better when I’m . . .
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Thoughts on Scotland and Spain

For the last week-and-a-half my family and I have been in ministry in Scotland and in Spain. The history in Europe is amazing. Yet it is apparent that the influence of Christianity is waning greatly. From the standpoint of character and moral integrity it appears that Western Civilization is crumbling. In fact, in 2009 I . . .
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Christ Life Clinic 2015

This year’s Christ Life Clinic focuses on the provision of Christ in you and you in Christ. The Christ Life Clinic is to be held in Ann Arbor, Michigan August 3–6. All of the speakers will focus on the Spirit-filled life, and this year we are delighted to have Otto Koning as a special guest. Brother Koning served . . .
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Evangelizing with a Home Bible Study

Amazingly, people today in the USA seem more open to home Bible studies. Therefore the one-on-one Bible study approach is an  excellent application for giving the Gospel. Revival Focus has just produced the first in a three-part series of Bible study booklets. The first booklet (24 pages) is entitled Discover Eternal Life and incorporates the Netcasters Gospel . . .
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Revival Journey DVD Package

The Revival Journey. Some of us are on it. Some of us long to start it. In this new Revival Journey DVD package, you will find teaching and encouragement from John Van Gelderen that will help you along the path God has for you. Each one of these four lessons is packed full of truth . . .
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eternal life

“Eternal Life” Tract Now Available in Print!

A while back we offered our new Eternal Life tract as a free download. This full color, tri-fold tract written by Jim Hollandsworth presents the gospel by pointing the reader back to the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and explaining the effects of sin upon mankind. The necessity of depending . . .
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Praying for Rain: A New Year’s Greeting

The Lord has challenged me afresh with His challenge in Zechariah 10:1: “Ask ye of the LORD rain in the time of the latter rain; so the LORD shall make bright clouds, and give them showers of rain.” For me personally this is going to be my theme verse for 2015. Merry Christmas to all . . .
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