Thirsting For God

Three times in the book of Psalms, there are statements regarding “a thirst for God.” The first of these occurs in Psalm 42 when an unnamed writer says, “My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God” (Ps. 42:2). The second time appears in Psalm 63 when David writes, “O God, thou art my God…my . . .
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The Fact of a Ready Harvest

“The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest that he will send forth labourers into his harvest” (Matt. 9:37-38). Today I drove past some beautiful corn fields ready for harvest in the rolling turf of southern Michigan where we call home. The stalks stand tall . . .
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Winning The World In Your House

We are living in a wicked day. We call right wrong, and we call wrong right. Our day is overrun by false prophets who are either speaking for false gods or speaking falsely of the true God. They get rich while their followers get misled. Of course, everything I have just said was essentially said . . .
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Obtaining Promises

Recently, I was reading the daily devotional entitled Springs in the Valley. The reading for that day was comprised of a few short paragraphs about faith by Samuel Chadwick. Though Chadwick’s comments covered only about two-thirds of the printed page, they were pregnant with meaning. Some of his thoughts coincided with my study of faith . . .
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In Him

There is a well-known saying that relates to selling real estate: location, location, location. This really is true! If you are trying to sell your house and want maximum value, location is going to be a vital part of this. If you have a very nice house in a bad location, you will not get . . .
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Announcing New Venue

For the past three years the Lord has burdened my heart deeply about the coming millennial kingdom and our need to prepare for it as believers.  I believe the church of Jesus Christ has grown lax and flippant because of not correctly understanding what lies ahead at the Judgment Seat and how our verdict there . . .
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Christ Life Clinic Photo Gallery and Summary

If you were at the Christ Life Clinic this year, you already know what I’m going say—the Lord met with us in a wonderful way! The daytime sessions delved deeply into spiritual truths, the evening sessions spurred us forward, and the one-on-one counseling sessions and Q&A times put the pieces together for ongoing growth and . . .
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We Have a New Look!

Welcome to the newly-redesigned Revival Focus Forum, or you can simply call us Revival Forum. As we approach our second anniversary (Sept. 1, 2014), we listened to your input and broadened our layout & design from the former blog format (Friends of Revival Blog) to the new Revival Forum format, which allows greater flexibility in . . .
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August Desktop Background

August is here, and here is a new desktop background for you! As always, a big thanks to Benjamin Smith and the guys at IFB Design. They do excellent work and would be a great source for your ministry graphics needs. Don’t miss the terrific graphics they designed for previous months! We are pleased to . . .
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Coming soon: Netcasters on DVD!

Coming soon! The Netcasters Evangelism Training course is now available on DVD. Netcasters is a course on the Spirit-filled life applied to evangelizing unbelievers. Originally produced in 1995, over the years Netcasters has been revised and expanded to better aid in equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry. Now for the first time the Netcasters training sessions . . .
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