True Greatness

Then came to him the mother of Zebedee’s children with her sons, worshipping him, and desiring a certain thing of him (Matthew 20:20). The desire of this godly mother was commendable. She wanted her two boys to achieve TRUE greatness. The same desire is found in the lives of all of the disciples as revealed . . .
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Applying the Gospel to Believers (Part 1)

The Book of Romans has been rightly called the greatest treatise on the gospel in our New Testament. This epistle lays out the fullness of the gospel clearly and systematically. What becomes very evident in this book is that the gospel not only applies to unbelievers, but it also applies to believers as well. As . . .
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Sacrifice of Isaac

Giving Up the Boys

Not trusting God is sin. “For whatsoever is not of faith is sin” (Rom. 14:23b). Indeed, failure to depend upon the Lord often brings dreadful consequences, as Abraham learned the hard way. In Genesis 12 God promised to make of Abraham a great nation. Abraham had to believe that, especially since he did not have . . .
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Jairus's Daughter

Only Believe

Young boys enjoy playing all types of games with their “buddies.” One of the best I enjoyed as a young kid was playing Army. What that meant was that we would find ourselves out in an open area, such as a field, park, or some similar type area. We would have our make-believe guns, hand-grenades, . . .
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eternal life

Eternal Life? Or Eternal Condemnation?

Following is the content of a tract that will soon be available in the Revival Focus store. You may use the digital form of the tract on your website, providing no changes are made to it. See download link below. Download as PDF (1.02 MB) Eternal Life? …or Eternal Condemnation? Which one describes your destiny? Most folks “hope” . . .
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Jonathan Beazley

Meet Evangelist Jonathan Beazley!

Every so often a pastor will ask me, “What evangelists could you recommend that preach on the Christ-life?” Among the ones I could mention, I would like to suggest Evangelist Jonathan Beazley. He and I got connected some years ago through both being a part of the Neighborhood Bible Time training with Larry Koontz. I love his passion to understand and . . .
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Announcing New Venue

For the past three years the Lord has burdened my heart deeply about the coming millennial kingdom and our need to prepare for it as believers.  I believe the church of Jesus Christ has grown lax and flippant because of not correctly understanding what lies ahead at the Judgment Seat and how our verdict there . . .
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Christ Life Clinic Photo Gallery and Summary

If you were at the Christ Life Clinic this year, you already know what I’m going say—the Lord met with us in a wonderful way! The daytime sessions delved deeply into spiritual truths, the evening sessions spurred us forward, and the one-on-one counseling sessions and Q&A times put the pieces together for ongoing growth and . . .
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We Have a New Look!

Welcome to the newly-redesigned Revival Focus Forum, or you can simply call us Revival Forum. As we approach our second anniversary (Sept. 1, 2014), we listened to your input and broadened our layout & design from the former blog format (Friends of Revival Blog) to the new Revival Forum format, which allows greater flexibility in . . .
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August Desktop Background

August is here, and here is a new desktop background for you! As always, a big thanks to Benjamin Smith and the guys at IFB Design. They do excellent work and would be a great source for your ministry graphics needs. Don’t miss the terrific graphics they designed for previous months! We are pleased to . . .
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