Entering Into Greatness, Part 1

For many years of my life, whenever I read the phrases kingdom of God or kingdom of heaven in the Scriptures my mind automatically assumed the Bible was speaking of eternal life/heaven. Entering into the kingdom was the idea of getting saved. Thus I assumed verses such as the one below were references to salvation . . .
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sealed scroll


Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men (Isaiah 29:13). My oldest son loves airplanes. If you’ve ever met him, you’re probably . . .
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Why I Believe in Evangelists, Revival, and Evangelism

On a breezy, colorful Fall day in 1985, God sent a soul-winner into my life who in the early days of 1986 lead me to Christ! Later that year, in a Sunday evening service, I sensed very definitely that God was leading me to a lifetime of Christian service as a preacher. Not knowing what . . .
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The Great Revival of 1860

In August of 2001 while on a missions trip, I researched the revival of 1860 which began in the town of Worcester, South Africa, where Andrew Murray pastored. To stand where God once poured out His Spirit in a mighty revival stirs one deeply that God can do it again! While there we discovered that . . .
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A Word From The Lord

“A word from the Lord” is a special message from God, delivered to a specific person or to the people of God. It occurs when God has something significant to say to those to whom the message is to be delivered. It is often during a time of spiritual crisis that these messages are most . . .
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Christ Life Clinic Photo Gallery and Summary

If you were at the Christ Life Clinic this year, you already know what I’m going say—the Lord met with us in a wonderful way! The daytime sessions delved deeply into spiritual truths, the evening sessions spurred us forward, and the one-on-one counseling sessions and Q&A times put the pieces together for ongoing growth and . . .
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We Have a New Look!

Welcome to the newly-redesigned Revival Focus Forum, or you can simply call us Revival Forum. As we approach our second anniversary (Sept. 1, 2014), we listened to your input and broadened our layout & design from the former blog format (Friends of Revival Blog) to the new Revival Forum format, which allows greater flexibility in . . .
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August Desktop Background

August is here, and here is a new desktop background for you! As always, a big thanks to Benjamin Smith and the guys at IFB Design. They do excellent work and would be a great source for your ministry graphics needs. Don’t miss the terrific graphics they designed for previous months! We are pleased to . . .
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Coming soon: Netcasters on DVD!

Coming soon! The Netcasters Evangelism Training course is now available on DVD. Netcasters is a course on the Spirit-filled life applied to evangelizing unbelievers. Originally produced in 1995, over the years Netcasters has been revised and expanded to better aid in equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry. Now for the first time the Netcasters training sessions . . .
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Early Registration Discount!

The deadline for the early registration discount for the upcoming Christ Life Clinic is July 15. See here for brochure details. The Christ Life Clinic emphasizes experiencing Christ as your very life. Will you pray about coming and letting the Spirit of God reveal more of Christ?