Two Kinds of Confession

What does it mean to confess sin? In a very literal sense, the word confess means “to say the same thing.” It means to agree or admit that something is true. So to confess sin means to admit or agree with a relevant party about the fact of your sin. Confessing sin is an important . . .
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Revival In Your Home

Everywhere I go it seems like “revival” is everyone’s favorite topic. And as everyone’s favorite topic, it often means a huge variety of different things to different people. Some are hoping for a political revival. They love to talk about God and country! Some are hoping for exciting services. They love camp meeting atmospheres! Some . . .
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Though They Be Strong

Have you ever felt that your spiritual life was hindered by external factors? That victory over sin and usefulness in ministry were placed just beyond your reach because of circumstances you couldn’t control? I have. At times, I have talked myself into defeat and discouragement because external factors seemed to mount up all around me . . .
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The Sin of Sloth: The Solution (Part 2)

In Part One, we discussed the problem of the sin of sloth. What is the biblical solution to this common issue? Once there has been a “no excuses” confession of the sin of sloth—and a taking by faith of the cleansing power of the blood (1 John 1:7, 9)—there must be a surrender to God’s . . .
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Knowing God: Knowing the Love of God (Part 5)

The Love of the Groom for His Bride From the beginning of time, God, the King and Ruler of all the universe, has been looking for a bride for His Son. One who will rule and reign over the Kingdom with His Son for all eternity. “Come hither, I will shew thee the bride, the . . .
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The 7:14 Initiative

A Wonderful Charge At the Reagan Presidential Library in California, there is a copy of the Bible which belonged to President Reagan’s mother. The president used this Bible when he took the oath of office at his first inauguration. The Bible is opened to 2 Chronicles 7:14, the same passage to which it was opened . . .
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Time with God: Gift Ideas

A key aspect of the Revived Life is a close relationship with God—and that includes spending time with Him. Daily time spent in God’s Word is essential to a healthy Christian life. When planning your time with the Lord, it can be helpful to have a strategic plan, such as a Bible reading schedule. Additionally, . . .
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CD front 2015

2015 Awakening Conference CD—Now Available!

The recent Awakening Conference was one of the most stirring, instructing, and faith-building conferences I have attended. We have published the eleven sermons preached at the conference in MP3 format on a single CD. To get your MP3 CD of all the sermons, visit the Revival Focus store.


2015 Awakening Conference, Nov 3–5

God prefers to revive rather than to judge. Church history revolves around the seasons of refreshing that revive saints and awaken sinners. As the world accelerates into unprecedented evil marking the approach of end-times events, there is the opportunity for unprecedented awakening. Based on the increased global population, more people could be saved in a . . .
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Christ Life Clinic 2015 Conference CD

The Christ Life Clinic for this year is over, but you can still be blessed by the tremendous preaching! We have put twenty-two of the sermons preached at the Christ Life Clinic 2015 on a single CD. You can order these at the Revival Focus Store. Note: Sermons are in .mp3 format.