The Beauty of Holiness

Why is it that when we hear the command to be holy we tend to recoil? It is as if we look at it as something undesirable, or perhaps altogether ugly. I know that in my own experience, I have heard sermons on holiness and walked away honestly feeling oppressed and even discouraged. You may . . .
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All In

What seems like a thousand years ago, I attempted to play football for my school. I love the game of football but I’ve got to tell you, those coaches demanded things out of us that was, well what else can I say, PAINFUL! They kept pushing us and demanding that we hit harder, run faster, . . .
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Revival Glorying

When revival occurs, God’s people glory in Him. They make their boast in Him. When saints are revived, their confidence is in God’s presence and their joy is in the promises of His word realized in their lives. How do we get there? 1 Corinthians 1:31 tells us to live in the blessed reality of . . .
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When the Bridge Became the Pulpit

In Screven County, Georgia, there is a concrete bridge over the Beaver Dam Creek that stands as a memorial to a fiery, hunchbacked, little preacher named Lorenzo Dow. Several months ago, I preached in the area, several miles from where the town of Jacksonborough, Georgia once stood. During the 1820’s, this eccentric and itinerant preacher . . .
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Making the Divine Connection

King Hezekiah was a good and godly king, whose reign was characterized by spiritual reformation, revival, and renewal. In 2 Kings 18 we are given an impressive introduction to this outstanding man of God. In 2 Kings 18:3 it says, “He did that which was right in the sight of the Lord.” 2 Kings 18:5 . . .
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An Example of God’s Work Behind Bars

Recently, I received an exciting report from a pastor friend of what God is doing in a prison system in Tennessee: I rejoice in such reports and praise the Lord for His work among those behind bars, who often know their need!

FB Christ Life Clinic 2016

Christ Life Clinic 2016

The 2016 Christ Life Clinic seeks to unfold the truth of Romans 6–8 and apply it to the grit of life. For those desperate for more of God, come and learn how the crucified life can rise up to experience the power of His resurrection—the Christ life! The Clinic is held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, . . .
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The Spirit’s Present Work in North Carolina

For the last several weeks I have been receiving reports about a move of God in Burlington, NC. A pastor friend emailed the following on June 9: “I have been following something going on in NC. An evangelist by the name of C. T. Townsend preached meetings in a Baptist church in Burlington NC. (I . . .
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The 7:14 Initiative

A Wonderful Charge At the Reagan Presidential Library in California, there is a copy of the Bible which belonged to President Reagan’s mother. The president used this Bible when he took the oath of office at his first inauguration. The Bible is opened to 2 Chronicles 7:14, the same passage to which it was opened . . .
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Time with God: Gift Ideas

A key aspect of the Revived Life is a close relationship with God—and that includes spending time with Him. Daily time spent in God’s Word is essential to a healthy Christian life. When planning your time with the Lord, it can be helpful to have a strategic plan, such as a Bible reading schedule. Additionally, . . .
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